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Art Gallery FAQs

What is the art gallery?

The Staff Center Art Gallery recognizes the creavity of our incredible staff outside the office. 

Who can submit their art?

All non-MPP staff, including our auxiliary employees may submit their artwork. We especially encourage those who have never exhbitied their work before. 

What kind of art is accepted?

We accept most art mediums including photography, watercolor, oil, acrylic, quilts, machet.

Art submission guidelines:

  • Pieces should be flat and easily installed on our framing system. We are unable to accept sculptures and other similar works at this time.. 
  • Pieces should weigh no more than 15 pounds.
  • Be considerate of the type of art that is submitted. We are unable to accept pieces that include profranity and nudity as this is a public work space. If you're not sure, please reach out to us.

How long is the exhibit?

There are two exhibitis a year. They typcially run February to June and September to December. Staff artsists donate their pieces to the Staff Center for the duration of the exhbit. Once the exhibit closes, pieces are returned.

What is the process?

  1. First, you need to take the leap and decide to share your work with others.
  2. Decide on at least one piece you would like to submit. We often have room for one piece of art.
  3. Fill out our interest form.
  4. We will contact you to work out the finer details.