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Cover Letter and Resume Resources

In addition to the resources below, we offer cover letter and resume critques and mock interviews. We ask for as much notice as possible. Send an email to Susan for more information or to set-up a meeting.

Someone working on their resume at a table

Cover Letter Tips
14 minutes
Get tips on how to tie your strengths to what the employer is seeking, explain missing skills, address a career gap, ensure that decision-makers actually read your letter, and land the interview.

Women reviewing her cover letter

Writing a Cover Letter
21 minutes
Join career strategist and Certified Professional Resume Writer Jenny Foss as she dives into the topic of cover letters, detailing how to craft one that helps you land the interview and—ultimately—the job. 

Woman lreviewing her resume

Writing a Resume
2h 27m
What to include and exclude on a resume and how to showcase your talents and best qualities. 

Someone reviewing their resume

Cover Letter and Resume Considerations (Handout)
Collaboration between Staff Center and Career Center

Interview Resources

An interview

Mastering common interview questions 
50 minutes
Learn how to master the top 10 most common interview questions you'll encounter when looking for a new job. The tips provided in this course will help you craft authentic answers that showcase your experience and your enthusiasm for an organization. 

Person interviewing

How to Succeed in an Internal Job Interview
24 minutes
Learn how to approach an interview at your current company, including research to do in advance and questions to expect during the interview.