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CSUSM Acronyms

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AA - Academic Affairs
AALC - Academic Affairs Leadership Council
ACD - Academic Hall
ADM - Administrative Building
AISA - American Indian Student Alliance
APC - Academic Policy Committee
APC - Academic Professionals of California
APIDA FSA - Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Faculty Staff Association
Staff on an afternoon walkARC - Academic Resources Conference
ARF - Application Rating Form
ARTS - Arts Building
ASI - Associated Students, Inc.
ATF - Academic Transaction Form
AVP - Associate Vice President


BFS - Business Financial Services
BFSA - Black Faculty & Staff Association
BLP - Budget & Long Range Planning Committee
BOT - Board of Trustees
BPI - Business Process Improvement


CAMP - College Assistance Migrant Program
CCF - Center for Children & Families
CCN - Cougar Care Network
CDO - Chief Diversity Officer
CEHHS - College of Education, Health & Human Services
CFA - California Faculty Association
CFS - Common Financial System
CHABSS - College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences
CHRS - Common Human Resource System
CICSC - California Indian Cultural and Sovereignty Center
CMS - Common Management System
CO - Chancellor’s Office
COBA - College of Business Administration
Corp - CSUSM Corporation
CPE - Chemistry Placement Exam
CRUE- Community Relations and University Engagement
CSTEM - College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
CSUEU - CSU Employees Union


DSS - Disability Support ServicesUniversity Student Union


EAP - Employee Assistance Program
EAR - Employee Action Request form
ECS - Event and Conference Services
EL/ELB - Extended Learning/Extended Learning Building
EMPLID - Employee ID
EMS - Enrollment Management Services
EO - Executive Order
EOC - Emergency Operations Center
EOM - Employee of the Month
EOY - Employee of the Year
ePAN - Employee Personnel Action Notice
ESP - Employee Status Page


FACES - Faculty Advocacy, Care, Engagement & Support
FAS - Finance and Administrative Services
FASLC - Finance & Administrative Services Leadership Council
FDM - Facilities Development and Management
FSA - Faculty Staff Association
FSRA - Faculty Staff Retirees Association
FTE - Full Time Equivalent
FWS - Federal Work Study
FYP - First Year & University Programs


GA - Graduate Assistant


HRPS - Human Resources and Payroll Services
HSI - Hispanic Serving Institution

Onboarding Buddies Celeste and Cassie with their Book Club gift bags
Staff Selfie
Omboarding Buddies Edith and Brianna


IITS - Instructional and Information Technology Services
IPA - Institutional Planning & Analysis
IPC - Institute for Palliative Care
IRP - In-Range Progession
ISA - Instructional Student Assistant


Administrative Building rotunda at sunset

JFSA - Jewish Faculty Staff Association


KEL - Kellogg Library


LAFS - Latino Association of Faculty & Staff
LATAC - Library & Academic Technology Committee
LGBTQA FSA - LGBTQA Faculty Staff Association
LiL - LinkedIn Learning


MARK/MH - Markstein Hall
MLS - Modern Language Studies
MMH - McMahan House
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
MPE - Math Placement Exam
MPP - Management Personnel Plan (Administrators)


OGSR - Office of Graduate Studies and Research
OHR - Office of Human Resources
OIE - Office of Inclusive Excellence
OP - Office of the President (also OoP)
OSP - Office of Sponsored Projects
OTRES - Office for Training Research & Education in the Sciences
OUGS - Office of Undergraduate Studies


PAR - Planning and Academic Resources
PASS - Personalized Academic Support Services
PAT - President’s Administrative Team
PCBO - Partners in Campus Business Operations
PD - Position Description
POS# - Position Number


RFA - Request for Approval of equipment purchase or service contract
RSS - Readiness & Success Services
RTP - Retention, Tenure & Promotion


Selfie of Susie Martinez and Susan O'Connor during the Book Club for Professional Development Kick-off event.SA - Student Affairs
SA - Student Assistant
SALT - Student Affairs Leadership Team
SBSB - Social and Behavioral Sciences Building
SCC- Staff Center Committee
SCI - Science Hall 1
SCI2 - Science Hall 2
SCO - State Controller’s Office
SDSU - San Diego State University
SHCS - Student Health & Counseling Services
SHS - Safety, Health & Sustainability
SLIC - Student Leadership & Involvement Center
SLL - Student Life and Leadership
SPAR - Student Payroll Action Request form
SUPA - Statewide University Police Association


TA - Teaching Associate
TRIO SSS - TRIO Student Support Services
TRIO McNair - TRIO Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program


UA - University Advancement
UALT - University Advancement Leadership Team
UH - University Hall
UNIV/ U-Hall - University Hall
UPD - University Police Department
USU - University Student Union
UVA - University Village Apartments


VEP - Viasat Engineering Pavilion


WASC - Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Last Updated: April 11, 2022

Academic Hall and Administrative Building