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Career Pathways

Administrative Professionals Career Pathway

The application process for the Spring 2024 cohort is now closed.

In December 2023, the Staff Center kicked off the pilot program, Career Pathway for Administrative Professionals. CSUSM's career pathway program is based upon CSU San Bernardino’s program of the same name. 

On June 20, 2024, we held our graduation event for the pilot program, Career Pathway for Administrative Professionals. Eleven staff members were celebrated at the event after completing the rigorous program. 

About the Program

The Administrative Professionals Career Pathway focuses on essential skills associated with successful administrative professionals. The program is designed for staff who are relatively new to the administrative professional profession, zero to 3 years of experience, or those considering a career as an administrative professional.


  • The Core Component focuses on six areas to establish and enhance skills in introspection, organization, professionalism, relationship management, critical thinking/problem-solving and communication. 
  • The Technical Component focuses on systems and software needed to function in an administrative role. Course levels may vary based on the specific role and experience, i.e. beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
  • The Experiential Learning Elective focuses on specialty courses, assignments, and/or experiences.
  • The Capstone Project asks cohort members to build a portfolio of work that shares everything they have learned and accomplished in the program.
  • Optional Courses and Activities include an opportunity to explore skills further. For example, participants may choose to explore their CliftonStrengths during a one-on-one session with a certified coach.

 Method, Model, Length and Recognition

  • Blended learning with self-paced online courses and experiences
  • Cohort model with class size of 8-16 participants
  • Coursework is completed over a 5 to 6-month period
  • Participants will be recognized during a graduation ceremony and receive a badge for their virtual signature

Participation in this program is optional and voluntary. Participation does not guarantee stipends, bonuses, reclassifications, promotions, and/or transfers.