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Staff Center Grand Opening

On Feb. 23, we celebrated the grand opening of our physical location in Commons and the unveiling of our viery first art exhibit. The Staff Center has been supporting our non-MPP staff virtually since Sept. 2020 and, now, with our new physical space, we will be able to provide more events and programming to support our staff.

Thank you to everyone who joined us.

Front entrance with balloons.

Staff Center's front door in the Commons atrium  Event cookies and pastries.  Kelli Urabie's art  Staff signing the logo  HR Staff chatting.

Group of staff chatting  Large group in Staff Center

Two staff members signing the logo.

Tina Quierido and Kayla Hardin   Susan thanking Margaret Chantung and Brittani Brown for all of their support.

President Neufeldt chatting with other staff.

Staff gathered in the Staff Center  Staff gathered for the event.

Vanessa Vincent and President Neufeldt in the conference room.  Susan O'Connor speaking

Melinda Jones with a sharpie encouraging everyone to sign the logo.

VP Wyden, AVP Brown and AVP Gravett.  Staff gathered in the Staff Center's kitchen area.

Staff Center coaster and cougar lollipops

Two staff chatting in the Center.   Tina Querido and Toni Shields chatting.

Thank you to our Artists!

You will forever be the first!

Staff Center artists with President Neufeldt and Susan O'Connor

Above: Kelli Urabe, Joanne Macias, Marilyn Huerta, Criselda Yee, Noelle Reed and Susie Martinez with President Ellen Neufeldt and Susan O'Connor.

Vanessa Vincent chatting with another staff person.   Andrew Reed, Tina Querido and Kayla Hardin.

 Staff Center logo on a blue wall with balloons.   Staff enjoying art in the conference room.

Grand opening signature sign.

Criselda Yee and President Neufeldt.

President Neufeldt speaking. Susan O'Connor with Chloe and Susan from CSU Fullerton. Someone in a yellow shirt signing the logo. Susan O'Connor speaking Staff signing logo

Staff signing the logo

Staff listening to the speaker.  Staff veiwing the art in the main lobby.

Margarita Robles with her camera in the conference room  Staff chatting with Susan O'Connor and Toni Shields hugging in the background.

President Neufeldt speeaking.

Group of staff chatting waiting for program to start.

Group of staff gathered listing to the speaker.  Andrew Reed chatting with another staff member.

Staff signing logo.