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Staff Nomination and Elections Committee

Nominations and Elections Process

The Staff Nominations and Elections Committee manages appointments for non-MPP, non-faculty staff to campus committees such as Academic Senate and the Staff Center Committee. SNEC holds elections for committees that are seeking non-mpp staff representatives only. Send us an email at if you aren't sure whether SNEC should handle your committee appointment.

Please give yourself a minimum of three - four weeks to complete the process, especially if/when a new member(s) is needed by a specific date. The call for nominations and election process typically occurs over a two week period. 

Step 1 - Initiating Nominations and Elections Process

To request an election, please fill out the Staff Nominations and Elections Request Form. The form will ask for the following information:

  • Name of committee
  • Term commitment
  • Number of positions open and if there are any requirements, such as classification or division
  • Scheduled meeting time and time commitment per month
  • Expected start date
  • Committee's charge or description
  • Committee's composition

Step 2 - Call for Nominations and Elections

SNEC will reach out to all non-MPP staff for nominations and will manage the election process. 

If more than one nomination is received, SNEC will push out election information to all non-mpp, non-faculty staff inviting them to participate in the process and select their choice for the position. If only one nomination is submitted, they will automatically be appointed to the position.

Typical Nomination and Election Timeline

Week 1
  • Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. - Call for nominations sent to staff
  • Tuesday at noon - Deadline for nominations
Week 2
  • Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. - Election period begins
  • Tuesday at noon - Election closes
  • Wednesday through Friday - Appointments announced to all staff 

The SNEC will contact all nominees, including those who were selected and will send an announcement to all non-MPP staff.

Step 3 - Announcements

Once the election is complete, SNEC will notify all nominees, including those selected. They will also inform the initiator of the request.

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