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Staff Center Event Photos

Dec. 9, 2021 - Crafting and Cocoa

Over 40 snow people were crafting during the Staff Center's very first in-person event.

Snowman posed with Crafting and Cocoa event handouts  snowperson with a black and white hat  Staff with their snowperson 

Staff with their snow people

snowperson with purple and white hatBrianna MadsonTwo snowpeople, pink hat and blue hat

Snow person with gems lined up Noella's snowman HarrisonTwo Staff with their snow people

Edith Nuno with her snow personStaff with their snow peopleStaff with snowman

Staff with their snowpeople

Virginia and her snowperson Bonnie, Brianna, Melinda and Sonia with their snow people Michelle's snow person

Crafting and Cocoa event

Snow Person 18 Snow People 22 Snow Person 11

Snow Person 20

Snow Person 17 Snow Person 12 Snow People 27

Snow People 24 Snow People 25 Snow Person 10

Snow Person 14 Snow Person 15 Snow People 26

Snow Person 19Snow Person 9 

Snow Person 16

Snow People 21 Snow People 23 Snow Person 11