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CSUSM Synergy Groups

CSUSM Synergy Groups provide campus employees an opportunity to network outside of their department while discussing fun topics such as hiking, sustainability and gardening. Synergy groups are open to all campus faculty, staff and MPPs.

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  • Book Dragons

    Voratious readers unite. Share what you are reading, find your next read or talk about a favorite book with others. We welcome all genres! 

    This group also hosts a monthly book club. 

    Facilitator: Noelle Reed and Susan O'Connor 

  • Crafters

    If you love knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, painting, drawing or anything crafty, this is the place for you! Come share the current projects you are working on or share something you just recently learned. No matter what, this is a fun place to create, learn, share and inspire one another to find time to be crafty.

    Facilitator: Natalie O'Hara

  • Foodies

    Welcome to Foodies, the group for food enthusiasts! Join us as we explore mouth-watering recipes, share essential cooking tips, and recommend must-try restaurants. Whether you're a culinary expert or just love good food, everyone is welcome! Foodies is the perfect place to fuel your passion for all things delicious. Let's celebrate our passion for food together!

    Facilitator: Juliana Rodriguez

  • Fun Places to Visit
    Facilitator: Roger Delgado
  • Gardening

    Do you have a growing passion for gardening? Whether you’re thinking about planting your first plant, starting your first full blown garden or have been gardening for years, this is the group for you! If it’s gardening related it’s on the table for discussion and with a little help from each other, you might end up with something on the dinner table for consumption… that you grow yourself! Post your questions and get tips, tricks, events, resources and tools to help you start and keep your garden growing.

    Facilitator: Mike Geck

  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Facilitators: Arely Villalobos Ayala and Alison Desopo

    Welcome to our Healthy Lifestyle Synergy Group 🌞 Dive into a world of wellness with us, where we share tips, recipes, workouts, and positive vibes to help you live your best life. Whether you're a fitness fanatic, nutrition enthusiast, or simply curious about healthy living, this is your go-to community. Let's support each other in cultivating happiness, health, and harmony every day! 🌿💪😊

  • Hiking and the Great Outdoors

    Hey adventurers, 🌲

    Welcome to our Hiking and Outdoors Synergy Group! 🏞️Our group is a vibrant community of outdoor enthusiasts who come together to share our love for hiking, camping, and all things outdoors! 🌟 Join us for virtual discussions where we exchange tips, share stories of our favorite expeditions, and inspire each other to embark on new adventures. And when the time is right, we gather in person to explore breathtaking local trails and forge unforgettable memories together. Whether you're a seasoned trekker or just starting to explore the wilderness, there's a place for you here. Adventure awaits! 🥾🌿

    Facilitator: Susie Martinez

  • Living Sustainably

    Interested in learning more about Sustainability? Want to utilize sustainable practices and products on and off campus? Well this group is just for you! We welcome all who are interested in sustainability, if you are just a beginner and want to learn more or if you are an expert and want to share your expertise and advice! Please share your interest with us, we are excited to connect and share our sustainability ideas and practices.

    Facilitator: Marissa Acosta, (Zero Waste & Sustainability Specialist)
    She joined CSUSM in February of 2022, moving here from Fresno, CA. She is excited to be able to combine her two passions of sustainability and higher education. Her goal is to shift the campus culture as it relates to sustainability while making meaningful connections across campus.

  • Movies and TV
    Facilitator: Erica Cullwell
  • Music

    Ongoing Activity: Calling all aspiring disc jockeys! Become a part of the Music Group, where each month, our group will create a specially curated playlist with a unique theme. The playlist will be sent out to all members for asynchronous listening.

    Engage in lively group discussions as we dive into the selections of the month, and together, let's ignite our creative sparks to brainstorm and finalize the theme for next month's playlist picks. Your passion for music meets collaborative artistry in this captivating journey!

    Facilitator: Jason Eberwein

  • Pets

    Pet lovers unite! Do you own or love pets? Join our group and share your love for animals; No need to have a pet, all we ask is that you love them! Everyone is welcome!

    This group is about sharing anything and everything about pets. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded pet owners and share your love for animals. Feel free to share pictures, pet memes, and funny videos.

    Facilitator: Alejandra Sanchez 

  • (Sports) Fan Zone

    Need a place to talk about the latest game?  Currently the group is focused on Padres baseball. But there’s always room to expand.  

    Facilitator: Colette Magoon

Most interactions will be virtual, though all groups are encouraged to provide opportunities to connect in-person.

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