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Lock Shop

Key Request Terms of Usage

All keys issued by this University remain the property of CSUSM and the State of California Keys and Cards are subject to the current approved "KEY ISSUE POLICY & PROCEDURES."

To obtain a key or card key, you must complete the Key Request Form.

1.  Keys are issued ONLY to end-users with a campus email.
2.  Keys are not to be duplicated.
3.  Keys are not to be used by or transferred to others.
4.  Fees will be assessed for lost and/or unreturned keys.

Key recipient is to maintain control of all keys and access cards issued to them until returned to the Lockshop.

Any misuse will be the responsibility of the recipient.

By clicking "SUBMIT" on the Key Request Form, you agree to these terms listed above and agree to sole responsibility of all keys issued to your name.

Lost or stolen access cards and keys,

Let the Lockshop know ASAP so they can deactivate the access card.

Call UPD at  (760) 750-4567 and they will ask a few questions and give a report number to enter in the key request form

Things to think about before filling out a key request

All emails must be a campus email or the request will be canceled

Are you filling the form out for someone?

  • If yes, make sure they have a campus email.
  • Confirm with the person that they don’t already have an access card, it may just need to be updated.
  • Confirm with the person that they don’t already have a key for the area they need access to.

Questions? please email the Lockshop at


For lock repairs and rekeys, please use our online Service Request form or call 760-750-4601.


Keys are available for pickup Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  No appointment is necessary.  Hours may vary on state and federal holidays.


Keys are available for pickup at the Key Issue Service Counter, located at University Services, building #41.  Street address 441 La Moree Road, San Marcos, CA 92078.  Parking is available nearby.