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Maintenance Requests

Routine Maintenance, Repairs, and Installations (Billable & Non-Billable)

To submit a maintenance request for routine maintenance, please fill out and submit a work request form

An explanation of Billable vs. Non-Billable work can be found here. For general questions contact Work Control at 760-750-4600 or email

Work Requests & Maintenance

Key Request

To request a Key or access please fill out and submit a Key Request Form. Please read the Key Request Terms of Usage before filling out the form.

Keys & Access 

* all eSignature forms have changed to Adobe Sign

Vehicle Request

Facility Services no longer provides vehicles for daily rental. Please go to Accounts Payable Travel and select the Car Rental Companies for car rental information. The Facility Services Automotive Shop will assist any campus department or organization planning to purchase a state vehicle. Please review the Vehicle purchase information and monthly rates before filling out and submitting  the Vehicle Purchase Request Form.

Vehicle Purchase

Service Requests

Improvements, Upgrades, and Renovations

To submit a service request for new work or alterations such as constructing or modifying a building or grounds, decorative treatments to a building or grounds, attaching an item to a building, or extending or modifying utility systems, please fill out and submit a Small Project Request Form.  Please review the Small Project Process before submitting the form.  Contact Planning Design & Construction at 760-750-4653 for questions.

Small Project Renovations


If you would like to submit a service request for signage, please fill out and submit the Campus Signage Request form.  To review options and prices please go to Campus Signage.



If you would like to submit a service request for a office move, please fill out and submit a Campus Move Request form.  For information on the move process and end of fiscal year cut-off dates please go to Campus Moves.

Moves & Reconfigurations