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Car Rental

Facility Services Automotive Shop no longer provides vehicles for campus employee's occasional business trips. Please use the campus contract with Enterprise Rent-a-Car for all your vehicle needs.

State Vehicle Purchase

Campus departments may be eligible to purchase a state vehicle in order to conduct official university business on an on-going basis. The department must secure funding through their division for the purchase. To start the process, simply submit the Vehicle Purchase Request below. Upon receipt of your request, a Facility Services representative will contact you to coordinate the details of your purchase.

Request for Purchase of State Vehicle

Please submit the Vehicle Purchase Request form to purchase a Vehicle or Electric Cart for departmental use by submitting this form or using the button below.
Vehicle Purchase Request Form

Monthly Rates For State Owned Vehicles

Pursuant to California Education Code ยง89031.5, California State Administrative Manual, CSU Executive Order #691, and CSU Use of University & Private Vehicles Guidelines, state vehicles are under mandate to be maintained on a regular basis and must be included in mandated reporting.  Required maintenance and reporting requirements are the responsibility of the Facility Services Automotive Shop.

The following fee schedule is utilized for monthly maintenance services:

Auto Shop Fee Schedule
Description Base Monthly Per Mile
Compact $370 $.30
Full Size $430 $.30
Pick up $420 $.30
Police Vehicles $390 $.30
Electric Cart $85 $.13

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