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Facility Services Safety Committee Accomplishments

  1. All shops have regular safety meetings. 
  2. Carts that cannot be set up with windshield wipers, can have RainEx sprayed on the windshields to improve visibility in the rain.
  3. Personal Protection Equipment Kits now include basic first aid supplies: bank-aids and ointment.
  4. Procedures were communicated to staff regarding how to handle workplace injuries: treatment, lost time, and safety boards. 
  5. Hepatitis B inoculations were administered to all appropriate employees. 
  6. Managers have access to the 3 Injury Reporting forms.
  7. Smoking in the USB Breezeway was addressed due to the proximity to the USB fueling station and the potential hazard. 
  8. Each shop established a safety binder with sections for minutes, new suggestions, shop training, and bulletins. 
  9. “Lock Out Tag Out” training sessions were completed and are continuously updated. 
  10. The 7 Minute Safety Trainer materials were unanimously adopted for shop safety meetings.  
  11. A map and index of first aid kit locations were created on same map with Fire Extinguishers.
  12. Non-slip mats were installed on Administrative and University Hall roofs.
  13. A trip hazard (tree root) was removed from the foot path behind Science Hall 2.
  14. Shut-off manuals were completed for distribution in all campus in mechanical rooms.
  15. A Safety Drive was created to provide department access to training and other essential documents and reference materials.