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Motor Vehicle Accident Information

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident while engaged in University business or while driving a University owned vehicle:  

Refer all inquiries from the other party or their representative to integrated Risk management at (760) 750-7475.

  • Determine if you or anyone involved in the accident needs immediate medical assistance and, if so, call 911.
  • At the accident scene, make no comments or statements regarding the accident to anyone except the investigating police authority, your supervisor, or CSUSM Integrated Management staff. 
  • If any police agency, University Police, or California Highway Patrol (CHP) responds to the accident, obtain a police report number.
  • If you are driving a campus or state vehicle, there should be a Std 269 card in your glove compartment, which you may use to write down as much information as you can. Tear off the perforated part and give it to the other driver so that they will know that you work for CSUSM and they will have our contact information.
  • If there were injuries or significant property damage to the other (non-State) parties, report the accident to the Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) by telephone at (916) 376-5302.  On weekends call (800) 900-3634 and leave a voicemail message with a telephone number where you may be reached the next business day.  If the accident resulted in a fatality, report it as soon as possible to the University Police Department at 760-750-4567 and to ORIM, as advised above.
  • All accidents involving any state-owned vehicle or any vehicle used for state business are to be reported by the campus to the ORIM within 48 hours.  Complete the Std 270 form as soon as possible, and, if obtained, include the police report number.  Have your supervisor review the Std 270 form and sign it.  Your supervisor must also complete a Std 274 (State Driver Accident Review).
  • Immediately send the original Std 270 and Std 274 to Facility Services (if a state-owned vehicle) with a copy to Integrated Risk Management.  If the accident occurred while driving a personal or other non-state owned vehicle, send the Std 270 and Std 274 to Integrated Risk Management.  If damage is only to a state vehicle and the repair estimate is less than $1,000, the Std. 274 is not sent to ORIM, but is retained in the campus incident file.

If you are contacted by the other driver, their insurance company or their attorney, refer them to Integrated Risk Management at 760-750-7475.  Do not discuss the accident with them or provide them with any statements regarding the accident.

For Accidents That Occur On Campus or Adjacent to Campus: 

  • Report the accident to University Police immediately at 760-750-4567 or, if an emergency, call 911. 

For Accidents That Occur Away from Campus:

  • Report the accident to your immediate supervisor as soon as possible.
  • If you are driving a campus vehicle, report the accident to the University Police as soon as possible.
  • If you are driving a rental vehicle while on University business, report the accident to the rental car provider and follow their instruction for handling the vehicle.
  • If you are driving a privately-owned vehicle, your personal insurance is primary and you will need to report the accident to your auto insurance provider. 

For the University Employee Driver’s Immediate Supervisor or Safety Coordinator:

  • Review and co-sign the Vehicle Accident Report (Std 270) to attest to the fact that the employee was on official state business.
  • To the extent possible, investigate the accident to determine if it was preventable.
  • Complete the Supervisor's Review of Motor Vehicle Accident form (Std 274).
  • Send the original Std 270 form and Std 274 form to Facility Services – Fleet Management (if a state-owned vehicle was involved) with a copy to Integrated Risk Management.

If contacted by the other driver or potential claimant, refer them to Integrated Risk Management at 760-750-7475. If necessary, you may also share the following information:

  • The State of California, Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) handles all motor vehicle accident claims on behalf of the CSU.  
  • Provide them with ORIM contact information (916-376-5302 or 1-800-900-3634) to expedite the handling of their claim.
  • If claimant wishes to protect themselves from the six-month claim-filing statute of limitations (see Government Code Sec. 910 et seq.), they may also file a formal claim against the State by contacting the State Board of Control (800-955-0045 or 916-323-3564) to obtain a fill-in-the-blank Tort Claim form. This form must be completed and returned to the Board of Control prior to six months after the accident.
  • In order to substantiate and document their property damage claim, the claimant must provide theORIM with a written estimate(s) as follows:
    • One estimate if the repairs are less than about $500
    • Two estimates if the repairs are more than about $500
  • If the claimant says that the “Motorists’ Bill of Rights” says they are only required to submit one estimate, tell them that is true, but only when one is dealing with his/her own insurance company.
  • If the claimant’s car is not operable, ORIM will provide guidance concerning repair estimate requirements. 
  • The claimant may elect to have their own insurance company repair the damage and their insurance company can then make a claim against the State for reimbursement.  This option is generally faster than making a claim against the State directly.

If you are the state driver, and you have been served with a Small Claims Court Summons and Complaint:

  • Notify Integrated Risk Management at 760-750-7475 as soon as possible.  
  • Contact the State ORIM at 916-376-5302 to advise of the Small Claims Court Summons and Complaint. They will provide you with copies of documents from the claim file and recommendations as to how to proceed with the your defense.  The ORIM recommends that your supervisor or Risk Manager accompany you to the trial.
  • Appear in court as ordered. The State ORIM and the Attorney General's Office can not appear with you or on your behalf in Small Claims Court.
  • When you receive the verdict or judgment by mail, contact the ORIM and Integrated Risk Management promptly to advise them of the results. 

If you are the state driver, and you have been served with a Municipal or Superior Court Summons and Complaint:

  • Call the ORIM immediately for instructions on how to obtain defense counsel. An answer must be filed with the Court within 30 days of service to avoid a default judgement.
  • Advise Integrated Risk Management and refer all inquiries from the other party or their representative to Integrated Risk Management at 760-750-7475.