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Special Events

Special Events 

California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) serves as a vital educational and cultural resource to the San Diego North County community and beyond.  As such, a variety of activities and special events are held on-campus and off-campus throughout the year.  In addition to CSUSM-sponsored events, individuals and outside organizations frequently make arrangements to use CSUSM's facilities for conferences, receptions, and other special events.  Event and Conference Services (ECS) is responsible for scheduling CSUSM facilities for non-instructional events and coordinating associated services. 

Special events and activities often pose additional risk to the University and activity participants.  Policies and guidelines have been developed to assist with planning such activities to address safety considerations. Special Event Insurance may also be required. Special Event Insurance provides short term liability coverage for the University to address various exposures presented by special events, and for individuals and groups using CSUSM facilities who may not have their own commercial insurance or insufficient commercial insurance limits.

ECS and CSUSM departments who are involved in hosting or planning an on-campus or off-campus special event may contact Integrated Risk Management at 760-750-RISK (7475) for consultation and assistance in determining whether Special Event Insurance is required.  For this consultation, please provide the following information about the proposed event:

  • name of the individual and/or organization sponsoring the event
  • type of event
  • date, time, and location of the event
  • estimated number of attendees
  • age group(s) of the attendees
  • description of event activities
  • if alcohol will be served
  • a completed Event Risk Assessment Worksheet
  • flyers, advertisements, or other relevant information 

Special Event Insurance

To request a Special Event Insurance quote, please select and complete the appropriate insurance application. 

        Tenant User Application (non-CSUSM organizations and individuals)  

        Nominee Application  (for CSUSM departments and affiliates) 

Send the completed insurance application, completed Event Risk Assessment Worksheet, and a list of participating uninsured or under-insured vendors, exhibitors, and other service providers to Audrey Hotaling.  Please allow 3-5 business days to process Tenant User applications and 10 business days for Nominee applications.   

Participant Accident Insurance

Participant Accident Insurance (PAI) provides medical coverage for participants of CSUSM-sponsored and organized on-campus and off-campus activities that involve physical activities, such as sports camps, hiking, camping, etc. PAI coverage availability and premium costs are based on various factors, such as activity type and number of participants. To discuss whether PAI is available for your event and to obtain a quote, please contact Audrey Hotaling at 760-750-4505.