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Small Project Process

Once you have requested a project, you will be contacted by a PDC representative to arrange a meeting to discuss your request.  We will ask you the following typical questions about your department, needs, budget and schedule to get started. We will eventually need additional specific information to provide you with a completed project.  While each project is unique, the overall process is usually the same.

  •     What are your goals for the project?
  •     How many people are involved?
  •     Will people be moving to different locations?
  •     Who will be the main contacts for the project?
  •     Is your division Vice President aware of the project?
  •     Do you have a budget?
  •     When do you need the work completed?
  •     Do you have any special technological requirements?
  •     Do you have funding in place or will you request it?

After the meeting, we will send meeting minutes and a plan if needed, to verify we understand all your needs.  We will then develop a project budget which will include all the construction required, furnishings if needed, telecommunication equipment if appropriate, all inspection and management fees to meet building and CSU codes, and a contingency in case something unforeseen happens during construction.

PDC uses outside contractor prevailing wage construction pricing to develop construction costs.  Furnishings are developed by obtaining quotes from vendors, and all fees are the mandated CSU fees for projects.  We try to cover all possible costs to make sure the final expenses do not exceed the budget.  All saving go back to the project requestor.  We will send you a Small Project Approval Form, which is checked and approved by the Director of PDC, the AVP for Facilities Development and Management, and then sent to the requestor to obtain approval from the VP for their Division.  The final form needs to be returned to PDC with a fund charge code. The project will only begin once all the funds have been committed and placed into a Trust Account designated for your specific project only.

Once a project is approved, the Project Manager will outline a schedule of events that includes meetings, plan development for bidding and construction. The Project Manager will also coordinate any special needs of the project.  The Project Manager will bid the project once all plans are approved and coordinate the construction with the contractor.  In some cases the plans must be approved by CSU code review agencies and we will manage that approval process.

After construction is complete, the Project Manager will coordinate installation of furnishings with vendors and any technology needs with IITS. The Project Manager will also coordinate with the PDC Move Coordinator if any moves are required. The Project Manager and PDC will make sure the project is completed to the customer’s satisfaction.