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Campus Moves

We will be updating our website as we continue to receive more information and direction from the State of California  and our Campus.

Need to relocate faculty/staff? Want to purchase new office furniture? Need some furniture to be taken to surplus?

Please use the Campus Moves Request form to submit your campus move request whether it is relocating one person, a whole office suite, purchasing new furniture or getting rid of broken/damaged furniture.  The Office of Planning, Design and Construction provides full service move assistance as described in the Campus Moves Procedures. For a guide on what do to for a move and how to prepare for it, please review the Move Instructions and Packing Instructions

NOTE: If your move only requires computer/phone moves you do not need to submit a move request on this page. Submit an ESP through Peoplesoft and IITS will coordinate with the end user.

Approved moves will be subject to the current rates for the following services:

  1. Telephone/Computer moves
  2. Physical move of furniture and equipment
  3. Tenant Improvements
  4. Modular design, assembly, dismantling
  5. Moving boxes and labels
  6. Coordination Services Fee

All campus moves will occur during the following timeframes:

  1. Faculty Moves: One month prior to and after the start of the semester.
  2. Staff Moves: Moves will only be done twice a month for administrative staff