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Move Procedures


A. Authorization

Departments desiring to change office locations or rearrange offices must contact their appropriate department administrator and/or their appropriate organization fund manager, for approval prior to proceeding with the move.

Once the approval has been received, a move request must be submitted to Planning, Design and Construction via the department website located at or initiated through the Employee Status Pages (ESP) process.  The office of Planning, Design and Construction will get in contact with the requestor to develop the scope of the move.

B. Charges

Approved moves will be subject to the current rates for the following:

Charge Description Current Rates
1. Telephone / Computer Moves

$100 / Computer

$60 / Phone

2. Furniture and Equipment Move Dependent on Scope

3. Tenant Improvements (construction)

    Requires Building Permit and Fee
Dependent on Scope
4. Modular / Systems Furniture Dependent on Scope
5. Moving Boxes and Labels $50 per delivery
6. Coordination Services Fee 5% of total move estimate
7. Modular Design Fee $60/hr of design

8. State Fire Marshall & Seismic Safety

    Requires all furniture over 60" high
    (or otherwise required by RM&S)
    be secured to the wall.
Dependent on Scope

Costs related to an individual move will be recovered at the end of the month that the move has occurred via a chargeback to the department specified.  The department requesting the move will be required to sign a move budget estimate prior to the move.

C. Scheduling

All campus moves will only occur at certain times throughout the year, they are as follows:

1. Faculty Moves: One month prior to the start and end of the semester.

2. Staff Moves: Moves will only be done twice a month.

Note: Accommodations will be considered if a move is needed at a time that does not coincide with these timeframes.

At least one month before finalizing the schedule for any move, preliminary information must be submitted to PDC for approval, either via a Move ESP or through the PDC website, as follows:

1. Name of Employee
2. Current Location (Bldg/Rm#)
3. New Location (Bldg/Rm#)
4. Telephone Extension
5. Special Equipment

D. Department Preparation for Campus Moves

a. Floorplans

Planning, Design and Construction will work with the requesting department to develop detailed floorplans of the areas that employees will be moved to in order to ensure that furniture is placed in the correct manner. 

b. Boxes / Labels

Each department is responsible for boxing their own belongings (books, desk contents, file cabinets, etc.).  Departments should indicate if boxes are needed through their move request.  Labels will be provided by Planning, Design and Construction and should be placed on all boxes and furniture in accordance with the Move Instructions that is provided to each occupant moving.

Because boxes are reused on campus for other moves, they should be emptied promptly and returned to Planning, Design and Construction as soon as possible.

Personal possessions that cannot be boxed or that are fragile (ie: pictures, plants, awards, glass, etc.) are to be moved by the occupant.  In an instance when an occupant's office move takes more than one day, it is strongly suggested that the occupant take home their personal possessions until the move is complete.  The university assumes no responsibility for personal possessions.

c. Computers / Telephones

IITS will disconnect and prepare all computer equipment the day before the move.  It is the responsibility of the occupant moving to backup any critical files to their H: drive to ensure they are preserved.

Telephone services will disconnect the telephone the day before the move.  Extensions and voicemail will remain the same after the move.  If the occupant wants to notify people calling that they are moving, voicemail remains active even when the telephone is disconnected and can be accessed from other campus phones.  The occupant can leave an out of office alert on their voicemail.

These services will be provided at the cost that has been set by IITS.

d. Keys/Card Access

Obtaining keys or card access to the new office/building locations will be requested by the move coordinator in Planning, Design and Construction. 

E. Moves involving Modular Furniture

All moves requested by departments involving modular furniture, whether they include new or renovated applications or additions to existing space or new space, requires coordination with Planning, Design and Construction.

F. Miscellaneous Moves

All requests for miscellaneous moves of equipment and furniture that does not fit into the above stated categories should be directed to Facility Services at x4600.

G. State Fire Marshall and Seismic Safety Requirements

All furniture that is 60" or higher must be seismically strapped to prevent injury in the case of an emergency.  Risk Management and Safety reserve the right to evaluate individual offices and make additional recommendations for seismic restraints.


A. Authorization

Authorization for moves related to the occupancy of new buildings and subsequent secondary moves (backfill) comes directly from the Office of the President.  Decisions for these moves are derived from recommendations by the University Space Advisory Committee and are ultimately approved by the President.

B. Charges

Charges for moves which are directed by the President will be paid from a budget specifically established for current year campus moves.  The involved departments will not incur expenses for these moves.

C. Miscellaneous Coordination

Planning, Design and Construction (PDC) will coordinate with the indicated department the following move activities:

1. Telephone/Computing Connectivity (IITS)

2. Physical move of furniture and equipment (Contract Movers)

3. Tenant Improvements (including physical modifications, locks, electrical, etc.), if applicable (Facility Services)

4. Modular design, assembly, dismantling, if applicable (Modular Vendor/Contract Movers)

5. State Fire Marshall and Seismic Safety Requirements