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PDC Request Forms

Use the links below to submit your request to the Office of Planning, Design and Construction

Small Project

Request for renovation of an existing space on campus. 

The typical small project process explained.

Campus Moves

Request for relocation of occupant, furniture, equipment.

Plan Room

Request for campus building record document.


Request for new campus signage.

Planning, Design and Construction Fiscal Year End Notice of Cut-Off Dates:

Due to fiscal year end requirements and lead times related to furniture orders for this program, the following cut-off dates will apply to all Campus Move requests.

March 10             New furniture orders or New orders from outside vendors not available after this date.

                                Only  Move requests for reconfigurations with existing or surplus furniture after this date.

April 10                Move requests for reconfigurations of modular furniture not available after this date.

                                Only  Move requests with existing non-modular furniture after this date.

 May 10                 New Move requests not available after this date until after July 01, 2017.

                                 Only  completion of existing Moves until after July 01, 2017.