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Transitioning to CSUSM


New to CSUSM? Check out these resources to learn more about our campus!

Prospective & Admitted Student Resources

If your is interested in CSUSM or has been recently admitted, see these resources for assistance with navigating the path from applying to starting their first semester. 

Empowering vs. Enabling Your Student

 A student's first place to turn in moments of stress and frustration is their support system. With you supporting their success in college, they are more likely to succeed. This is why it is imperative that as a family support system, you empower your student to find the help they need. The better informed you are of the services and resources on campus, the stronger your coaching through difficult situations with your student will be. Your student will not always be able to rely on you to fight their battles, and college is an opportunity to learn independence. Consider these scenarios below as common moments your student will look to you for reassurance. The best way to support is through empowerment!

Student: My roommate keeps playing music late at night. I can't sleep! I want to switch rooms!
You: Sharing space can be difficult. What steps have you taken to communicate your concerns? Have you tried speaking with your RA?

Student: There is nothing to do on campus this weekend. I wanna go home! I'm so bored!
You: I know it might be easier to want to come home. Are you finding ways to get involved? Have you tried attending a campus event?

Student: I am dropping this course! The Professor is hard to understand and there are too many assignments!
You: The transition to college level classes can be tough. Have you gone to office hours?

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law that regulates the privacy of student records. FERPA delineates rights and responsibilities of students and universities regarding student records.  Rights assigned to parents in K-12 education transition to students once students enroll in higher education, regardless of the student’s age. Visit the FERPA information page to learn more.