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Student Rights

Student Right #1: The right to access their educational records

The University will …

  • Provide a student with an opportunity to inspect and review his or her education records within 45 days of receipt of a written request from the student
  • Provide a student copies if they are unable to come to campus due to health constraints or extended distance
  • Remove names of other students from information included in the student’s record

Student Right # 2: The right to seek to have records amended

The University will…

  • Consider a request from a student to amend information in his or her records 
  • Hold a hearing on the matter if the informal request is not granted 
  • If the hearing does not find for the student, offer the student the opportunity to place a statement to be kept in the record (and disclosed if that portion of the record is released)

Student Right # 3: The right to have some control over the disclosure of personally identifiable information from the student’s educational record.

The University must…

  • Have a student's request prior to disclosing their record (except to university personnel with a legitimate educational interest or in the case of one of the multiple exceptions)
  • Ensure the student's consent is signed and dated and includes the scope and purpose of disclosure.
  • Annually notify students (collectively) of their rights (1-4 here) 
  • Record requests for records disclosure
  • Include a students' right to direct us not to release "directory information"; otherwise it is OK for public release

The University may disclose education records without student consent when…

  • A student is seeking to enroll in another school
  • It is requested by certain authorized government authorities
  • It is connected to a student's financial aid request
  • To organizations conducting studies on behalf of the campus or to accrediting organizations when necessary for that function
  • To comply with a court order or subpoena and the campus has made an attempt to notify the student
  • To "appropriate parties" in the event of a health and safety emergency
  • To a parent when the parent shows proof of the student's dependent status (per IRS); (not related to custodial parent status)
  • To victims of crimes of violence or non-forcible sex offense who requests results of the student discipline process for that offense
  • To parents of students under 21 who violate campus alcohol or drug policies

Student Right # 4: The right to make a complaint

  • The Office of the Dean of Students
    University Student Union (USU) 3500
  • The Family Policy Compliance Office
    US Department of Education
    400 Maryland Avenue, SW
    Washington, DC, 20202-5920