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FERPA Vocabulary

Words & Terminology to Know when dealing with FERPA


  • Academic Record, Custodian of - Director, Registration & Records 
  • CSUSM Student Records & Custodians - Look under record interested in 
  • Discipline Record, Custodian of - Dean of Students Office 
  • Educational Record - Any record (handwriting, print, tapes, film or other medium) maintained by a CSUSM staff member or agent of the university which is directly related to a student. 


  • Financial Aid, Custodian of - Director, Financial Aid & Scholarships  


  • Legitimate Educational Interest - Conditions when faculty or staff members have a legal “right to know” the contents of a student’s record. Conditions relate to student education, discipline, necessary student service, and health and safety issues.


  • Parent - Legally recognized parents and guardians or someone authorized to act in place of a parent 
  • Placement Record, Custodian of - Director, Career Center 
  • Public Safety Record, Custodian of - Chief of Police 
  • Record Not listed - Contact the Director, R & R 
  • Student - Any student enrolled in an institution of higher education 
  • Student Payroll Record, Custodian of - Director, Human Resources 


  • None