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Program Highlights

Our program includes:

An outstanding balance of professors who teach in the program, including faculty who:

  • have international reputations in the field of cross-cultural management
  • are gaining an international reputation in supply chain management.
  • have extensive global business experience.

A curriculum that is equal to or superior to the top-rated international business programs as rated by US News & World Report.

Our program requires:

  • breadth and depth of coverage. The curriculum covers breadth in its unique core of classes that are broad in their inclusion of global perspectives, yet clearly business-focused in context to ensure a practical perspective.
  • depth in its requirement to specialize in a functional area (e.g., marketing) to ensure students are prepared to be competitive in the job marketplace. None of the top-rated international business programs in the U.S. has a functional depth focus.
  • demonstrated language proficiency. Other IB programs, including the top-rated ones, have only a foreign language unit requirement which is never sufficient to permit actual functional fluency in all four language skills.
  • either a study abroad or a practicum experience by completing a foreign internship experience. Only some of the top-rated IB programs in the U.S. require either a foreign study or a foreign internship experience.

In addition, the Global Business Management Association, our student club, sponsors company visits, guest speakers from the business community, meets regularly and has networking activities is an excellent addition to the formal GBM program.