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GBM Exchange Universities

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

The Hogeschool van Amsterdam School of Economics and Management is an excellent business school and has the widest variety of courses available in English.

Its strongest set of courses is in marketing and sales (e.g., International Marketing, International Advertising, Strategic Marketing, Sales Negotiations, etc.). However, it also has several courses that are comparable to the GBM Core coursework and can be substituted for those core courses. In addition, it has some MIS courses, a Supply Chain Management course (Logistics track) and other courses not available at CSUSM (e.g., Innovation, Business Simulation, International Competition and Coordination, etc.).

Amsterdam is a great city with a very cosmopolitan yet personal feel. It has an excellent transportation system and is close to Scandinavia and England and very close to the rest of continental Europe. The Dutch are considered the most talented language learners and typically speak fluently Dutch, English, German and often French.

Kansai Gaidai University

Kansai Gaidai University has a superb program for those interested in meeting international students (from all over the world) and taking high quality courses. In fact, you’ll definitely want to consider staying an entire year to take advantage of the course offerings if you want to specialize in Japan or Asia (not to mention increase your Japanese fluency). In addition, there are a number of courses that could be substituted for several of the GBM Core courses.

Kansai Gaidai has a very exciting mix of Japanese students and international students from all over the world. It is known as an international university because its orientation is to be a place where Japanese and foreign students can learn together. You’ll likely leave Kansai Gaidai with friends from several different foreign countries.

Kansai Gaidai is located in Hirakata, which is halfway between Osaka and Kyoto. Kyoto and Nara (very nearby) are historically probably the most important areas of Japan. Many famous sites are located in the Kyoto region, given that it was the ancient capital of Japan.

Hong Kong Baptist University

HKBU has a tremendous business program. Like HES Amsterdam, the course offerings are excellent. There is a wide variety of courses that are very much in line with the Marketing, Logistics and Management Tracks. All courses at HKBU are in English except for foreign language courses.

Although HKBU is an entirely English-speaking university, nearly all the students also speak Cantonese and many speak Mandarin as well. Its close proximity to China and the increased emphasis on Mandarin language because of China’s role in HK lends itself to Mandarin language study for those interested.

Hong Kong is an exciting, busy cosmopolitan city. Many U.S. and foreign corporations have their Asia headquarters in Hong Kong and so the expatriate community is very strong. At the same time, there is no question that it is a city with Chinese character and activity. It is an easy jump to Tokyo, Taiwan, Singapore, Bangkok or Hanoi.

Rikkyo University

Rikkyo is a traditional Japanese university, unlike Kansai Gaidai. Most of the students are Japanese. It has a typical Japanese curriculum, covering all subject areas and is a highly reputed university in Japan. Courses are 2 units and so for most classes, you will need to do some extra reading to get a 3rd unit in order to obtain course equivalency (not unit equivalency) with our 4-unit courses. However, this is a minor issue and the total experience of being there in the heart of Tokyo is worth it.

It has a beautiful campus and has a new dormitory where you can stay. The curriculum in English is extensive and they have many courses that substitute for our GBM required and elective courses. The professors are well trained and many of them have studied or been to the U.S. and so have a broad experience background. The teaching is very high quality.

Rikkyo’s business school is well known in Japan and reflects a highly innovative program, emphasizing leadership.