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GEW 101A Course Content

Activities & Assignments 

While the course assignments and activities will vary based on the instructor, all GEW 101A students will:

  • Engage in activities that support active reading (e.g., reading journals, group annotation projects).
  • Access and evaluate a variety of online texts to learn about information literacy.
  • Practice writing in multiple genres (e.g., personal or literacy narrative, persuasive call to action, compare/contrast of popular articles, etc.). 
  • Engage in a multi-draft writing process that includes revising in response to peer and instructor feedback.
  • Experience two Writing Center “encounters” during the semester, such as a tutoring session, a workshop/webinar, or an info session.
  • Compose an extended project (equivalent to a 6-8 page essay) that showcases critical reading and information literacy skills (e.g., research-based evaluation of popular sources).

101A Textbooks 

Assigned readings will vary based on instructor, but all GEW students will engage with “writing instruction texts” and “critical reading texts.” 

Writing instruction texts introduce students to critical reading, information literacy, and the writing process. These texts are written by Composition Studies scholars and grounded in current Composition Studies theory. 

Critical reading texts (which might be online news or popular science articles, blogs, podcasts, videos, etc) create opportunities for students to practice critical reading and information literacy. Reading these texts also prepares students to write in diverse genres.