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Jason Simmons

Dexter Development Group DBA CCI
Waco Surf
Edenpark San Marcos

Jason Simmons

Jason Simmons grew up in San Marcos, attending elementary, junior high and high school here in San Marcos. After graduating from UC Irvine and living in Orange County for 13 years he moved his family back to San Marcos in 2005. Jason has been in the land planning and development industry for 25 years serving clients and developing projects within the family business that he runs with his brother. They have helped to develop over 10,000 homes for all types of families from master planned communities to apartment complexes as well as millions of square feet of commercial and industrial space in Southern California. 

Jason currently serves as a partner in Dexter Development Group DBA CCI, a full service land planning firm. He is also Co-Founder of Edenpark San Marcos, a new sports, wellness, and lifestyle center in San Marcos as well as a Partner at Waco Surf, one of only 2 functional surf resorts in the USA. 

Jason has also been involved in 15+ startup companies in the last 2 decades, across a broad spectrum of industries and businesses including, entertainment venues, restaurants, internet development, magazines and mixed media marketing. 

Jason also serves on the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Club of San Marcos, and the Friends of San Marcos Parks and Recreation, along with involvement in Casa De Amparo and TERi Inc.