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The Cathy Baur Student Philanthropy Award

Cathy Baur

Cathy Baur

In recognition of the key role that Cathy Baur has played over the years in connecting our university to so many external friends and community partners, President Neufeldt established The Cathy Baur Student Philanthropy Award on Thursday, June 18, 2020. 

Cathy’s dedication and commitment to the University, and efforts to foster a spirit of philanthropy, from university anniversary celebrations to the tremendous success of the Forward Together campaign, Giving Day and so much more, have left a deep impact here at CSUSM.  In recognition of her deep passion for Cal State San Marcos we will annually recognize a CSUSM student, or student group, who has been highly engaged in philanthropic activities and/or has demonstrated leadership by supporting or implementing a fundraising program. 

The inaugural award was presented to Jessica Harloe, the CSUSM Foundation Board Student Representative.

  • Nomination Application

    Nominations should be emailed to Sean Briner, Director of Annual Giving, at, and must include the following three items:

    Prepared by the student nominee (no length requirement or limit):

    • Campus involvement resume detailing campus activities and accomplishments that contribute to philanthropy as described in the selection criteria section below.
    • Personal statement regarding the significance of personal involvement in philanthropy.

    Prepared by CSUSM faculty or staff:

    • A letter of recommendation citing contributions made to philanthropy (no length requirement or limit). Criteria number 1 must be addressed, and although not required, criteria numbers 2-3 can be addressed.
  • Selection Criteria
    1. Goals/Creativity – How has the nominee demonstrated significant achievement in creating and/or advancing the culture of philanthropy at CSUSM?
    2. Leadership – How has the nominee demonstrated superior leadership and commitment to creating a culture of philanthropy at CSUSM? 
    3. Impact – What has been the impact or results of their efforts at CSUSM?
  • Selection Process

    The Selection Committee will be comprised of the following:

    • Director of Annual Giving Programs (Chair), Foundation Board Faculty Representative Director, Recipient from a past Cathy Baur Student Philanthropy Award; Student Representative selected by the Dean of Students, and the Secretary to the Foundation Board.

Award Recipients

Jessica Harloe


Jessica Harloe, '20

Braden Culbert


Braden Culbert, '21

Sarah Aragon


Sarah Aragon, '22

Ernest Cisneros


Ernest Cisneros, '24

Austin Contreras


Austin Contreras, ‘24