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Solving Critical Issues

Today we face the remarkable opportunity and responsibility of providing leadership to our region as we strive to solve critical issues. While our dedicated faculty are expanding the frontiers of knowledge and translating discoveries into life-changing applications, our students are learning to become aware of the big questions-both contemporary and enduring-and are empowered to respond and contribute to finding the answers.

You can be a part of the solution as we bolster support for faculty research, academic programs and the first-of-its-kind CSU Institute for Palliative Care at Cal State San Marcos.

Together, we are solving our society's critical issues.

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Dr. Badal Joshi

Faculty Research

Approachable and accessible are two words used to describe our faculty because, for them, student learning is their top priority. From industry experts to professional musicians and published authors, each of our professors brings expertise, enthusiasm and passion into their role.

Our professors don’t just conduct research, they personally teach in our classrooms and mentor our students. Not only do members of our faculty prepare students for careers–they prepare them for life. Through instruction and hands-on learning opportunities, they provide encouragement and support, making good on our mission to raise the educational attainment rate of students in our region.

For example, Dr. Badal Joshi’s research uses exciting new experimental data–combined with mathematical modeling–to reveal fundamental insights into biological systems. Several students are working with him on research projects that use mathematics to model neuronal dynamics, ecological systems and reaction networks.

However, putting ideas to life, finding solutions to real-world problems, and applying these ideas through partnerships and collaborations require resources. Your support will allow scientific and creative endeavors to thrive at Cal State San Marcos. With your help we can support our faculty as they impact thousands of lives through the courses they teach, the future leaders they mentor or through their own research and creative activities.

Endowed Professorships and Chairs

One of our greatest challenges over the next decade will be to recruit and prepare a diverse new generation of scholars and scientists to carry on our tradition of teaching excellence. In addition, we must retain the bright minds that are already here and provide them with the tools and support they need so that they can continue to foster transformational learning experiences.

By supporting endowed professorships and chairs, you can help us attract top faculty candidates in a highly competitive environment and provide discretionary funds for research, teaching and other initiatives.

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Palliative care patient

The CSU Institute for Palliative Care

Palliative care is...

health care that focuses on relief of suffering and improving quality of life for those with serious or chronic illnesses. It is care that comes alongside curative treatment at any stage from point of diagnosis onwards, while also providing support and assistance to caregivers and loved ones.

The need for palliative care and palliative care training is growing in our country due to our aging population. At the same time, health care systems are continuing to struggle to contain costs, while ensuring patient and family satisfaction. A key part of the answer lies in palliative care. But without more trained professionals to deliver palliative care, California and our nation will fail to meet these needs.

With support from you, the CSU Institute for Palliative Care at Cal State San Marcos can continue efforts to build a network of professional educators, to address the critical shortage of nursing, social work, spiritual and other professionals with palliative care skills and training, and to replicate our model at other interested CSU campuses.

Be a Part of Solving Critical Issues

Alma McElroy was deeply affected by the compassionate hospice care that her father and family received when he was dying. But she wondered – how can this holistic care have been a part of her family’s story sooner?

Inspired to help others, Alma decided to pursue a second career in nursing. In her courses at CSUSM she discovered the concept of palliative care and had the opportunity to practice it working alongside teams of students studying speech pathology, social work and kinesiology to assess and address an example patient’s health priorities for the best outcome.

"Palliative care gives us this amazing opportunity to work across disciplines to make sure that a patient has the best quality of life possible. It needs to be available to all patients with chronic and serious illnesses throughout their healthcare journey."

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