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CSU Quick Facts

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Name CSU Quick Facts
Sponsor The California State University (CSU)
Description The California State University educates more than 370,000 students annually and employs close to 40,000 faculty and staff.  The Quick Facts section of the website provides access to a range of statistics about these students and employees, as well as descriptive information about campus programs and initiatives.  Of particular interest may be the list of degree programs offered at various campuses. (Click on "Degrees").
Websites Home page:

Degrees granted:

Fields Covered Enrollment, graduates, academic programs, degrees, demographics, access and outcome, transfer students, faculty and staff demographics.
Scope CSU system-wide and individual campuses.
Period Covered Various (transfers from 1986, other data from 1992).
Update Frequency Most data are updated annually.
Data Formats Downloadable data files in pdf or zipped PageMaker format.


Marv Lindsay or Sandra Cooper, Analytic Studies Division
Address The California State University 
Office of the Chancellor, 401 Golden Shore 

Long Beach, CA 90802-4210 (562) 951-4000
Telephone (562) 951-4000

Institutional Planning & Analysis
—Providing information and answers that enable action—