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Other Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Each Spring, CSUSM faculty, staff and students participate in several online customer satisfaction surveys.  Departments assessed include Facility Services, Human Resources, Mail Services, Parking Services, Procurement Services, Student Financial Services, and University Police, among others.

Great Colleges Survey

In Spring 2014, CSUSM was recognized as a 2014 Great College to Work For © by the Chronicle of Higher Education. The Great Colleges Survey was administered again in Spring 2017. The results spotlight our success as an organization and provide opportunities for improvement.

Ad Hoc Surveys

Institutional Planning & Analysis and other campus offices periodically distribute ad hoc surveys to inform a specific campus initiative, assessment project , or study. Below are examples of recent surveys administered at CSUSM.

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Survey

In Spring 2023, California State University San Marcos licensed the HIP Quality topical module from the National Survey of Student Engagement, added some campus specific questions, and renamed the survey the CSUSM HIPs Survey and administered the survey to all degree-seeking undergraduate students. 

Faculty Survey

In Fall 2020, the Office of Institutional Planning & Analysis at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) partnered with the Faculty Advocacy, Care, Engagement, and Support (FACES) initiative, and the Faculty Center to develop and administer the Faculty Perspectives & Experiences Survey.

Staff Needs & Experiences Survey

In Summer 2020, CSUSM administered the Staff Needs & Experiences Survey following the University's transition to majority virtual operations amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Student Time Commitments Survey

In Fall 2016, 2017 and 2018, CSUSM administered a brief survey to all stateside undergraduate students regarding time spent on work and family care. The results of this survey contribute to the institution's ongoing study of unit load and academic success. Questions about the survey can be directed to Cameron Stevenson

Second-Year Student Survey

In Fall 2017, the Office of Undergraduate Studies administered the Second-Year Student Survey as part of a study of second-year student success. The survey asked about second-year students' self-perceptions and experiences at CSUSM, and will help the university to identify the factors that facilitate and inhibit success in the second year. Questions about the survey can be directed to Adam Petersen

CSU Food & Housing Security Survey

In Fall 2016, CSUSM participated in the CSU Food & Housing Security Survey as part of the Basic Needs Initiative. In January 2018, the CSU published findings from the system-wide study. Campus-level results were also provided to CSUSM.