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Amigos Program

About Los Amigos

The Latino Association of Faculty & Staff is collecting resource information that would be valuable for students to further their academic careers and assist them in their professional development. This information will be available and continually updated on this website. In addition, a directory of contact information of faculty and staff, Amigos, who have expressed an interest in aiding students and helping them to navigate through higher education will be posted on the site.

In this way, any and all students can access and find the help that they need and the Amigos will have the information readily accessible to distribute to students and have knowledge of the individuals, groups, and resources that are available to help these students. Thus, a broader range of resources, along with more faculty and staff with knowledge about them, will assist our students and offer them more avenues to seek and receive assistance.

If you are interested in becoming an Amigo please fill out the Los Amigos Pledge Form.

CSUSM offers a formal mentoring program called the Faculty Mentoring Program which is administered by the Director of the Faculty Center. For those students interested in a formal mentoring program, visit the Faculty Mentoring Program.