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Consultants & Contractors

At California State University San Marcos, the rapid growth of our campus offers the unique opportunity for design and consulting professionals as well as general and specialty contractors to be a part of our campus development.  Our projects are funded through Major and Minor Capital Outlay programs managed by the Planning, Design and Construction department. 

Major Capital Outlay Projects:  projects greater than $656,000 in cost and are funded through a variety of sources: State Appropriations, Donor Funds, Tuition Fees, etc.  The Planning, Design and Construction department submits an annual report, the Capital Outlay Budget Change Proposal (COBCP), to the Chancellor's Office that publishes the campuses five year capital project budget plan.

Minor Capital Outlay Projects:  projects less than $656,000 in cost and are funded through the Minor Capital Outlay program that is managed through the California State University Office of the Chancellor.


A&E Prequalification for Major Capital project design occurs during November through March by Capital Planning, Design and Construction (CPDC).  This prequalification makes firms eligible July through June of the following year.  For more information, contact CPDC at (562) 951-4129 or review the Project Architect Prequalification.

Contractor Prequalification for Major Capital projects can occur any time five days prior to bid and is managed by CPDC.  For more information, contact (562) 951-4117.

Visiting the Campus

If you are visiting the CSUSM campus, you will need to know how to get around.  The campus maps will help you identify where you are and how to get to your destination.  Parking is strictly enforced on campus and you will need to know where to get a parking permit if one has not been provided for you ahead of time.  Visit Parking and Commuter Services website for more specific parking information.