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Planning & Design

Capital Improvement projects begin with the vision of a new building or project in support of the Campus Academic master plan.  A campus planning committee works toward meeting the needs of the Campus and the utilization requirements of the California State University system. Upon completion of the proper approvals to proceed with a Capital Improvement project, Planning Design & Construction oversees the project through the many requirements of a new project – from infrastructure to design to maintenance to sustainability. 

The planning process can take several years prior to the start of construction.  Projects require a feasibility study to determine the needed size of the project and budget.  Approval of the project, if not part of the Campus Physical Master Plan, must be approved by the Trustees to be included in the Master Plan.  Schematic Design is also required to be approved by the Trustees.  Depending upon the funding source, approvals may also be required by the Department of Finance and other agencies.  There may be multiple approvals at different stages of the project.  

Projects can take from four to seven year from inception to completion.  Planning Design & Construction is responsible for oversight of State and Auxiliary Capital Improvement projects.

Currently, the campus is in the planning or design stages on the following projects: