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Building Standards

Building Standards are the basis for which all the campus buildings are built.  These documents are constantly evolving as the campus develops new standards and building requirements change through the years. Because we strive to update our requirements to the best possible standards, the documents are not to be use without direction and approval from Planning, Design and Construction.  They are for reference only.  Below are some of the building standards that the CSU San Marcos campus utilizes. We are currently updating our standards to reflect the new Specifications Master Format.

Section Number Section Description
01000 General Requirements
02000 Existing Conditions
03000 Concrete
04000 Masonry
05000 Metals
06000 Woods, Plastics, and Composites
07000 Thermal & Moisture Protection
08000 Openings (Doors and Windows)
09000 Finishes
10000 Specialties
11000 Equipment
12000 Furnishings
13000 Special Construction
14000 Conveying  Equipment
17000 Telecommunications
21000 Fire Suppression
22000 Plumbing
23000 Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning
25000 Integrated Automation
26000 Electrical
27000 Communications
28000 Electronic Safety & Security
31000 Earthworks
32000 Exterior Improvements
33000 Utilities
34000 Transportation
46000 Water & Wastewater Equipment
48000 Electrical Power Generation

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