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Political Science Internship

The Political Science Department offers internships with federal, state and local public agencies, as well as with non-government organizations (NGOs) that address community development and global issues such as political refugees, adequate housing, fair wages, and migrant education. 

Participating in an internship program has many advantages. Many interns find their experience provides guidance for future educational decisions, helps hone valuable skills,and may provide an entree to a permanent job in your area of interest. In the more traditional academic sense, internships provide an exciting and unique method of gaining substantive knowledge. Another great advantage is that you and your site supervisor determine your work schedule, which gives you some flexibility in building your class schedule!

Internships are generally unpaid but provide useful experience that may give you a competitive edge for graduate school or in your career search.

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Summary Criteria

  • Internships are for sophomore, juniors, or seniors in good academic standing.
  • Interns must have the endorsement of a CSUSM Political Science faculty member.
  • Interns invest a minimum of 120 hours for a 3-unit internship; hour log sheet must be signed off by site supervisor; PSCI majors may earn up to 9 units of independent and/or internship credit toward the major.
  • Internship are graded credit/no credit; the nature of the internship duties determines what sub-field the credits satisfy. 
  • Interns also complete a number of career readiness assignments and reflect on their work thru journal entries.

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Senior Experience PSCI 494b

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