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Senior Experience

Beginning Fall 2021, PSCI majors have two options for their Senior capstone:

  • PSCI 494a Senior Seminar in Political Science will remain as a traditional seminar course that integrates previous PSCI coursework and seeks to build advanced research and writing skills.
  • PSCI 494b Senior Experience in Political Science will be a graded internship experience of at least 90 service hours that builds students’ professional skills and portfolio.

Both courses share the same pre-requisites (completion of PSCI 301, 331, 350, and 370 with a grade of “C” or better).

Orientation Sessions for Internships

The Political Science Department hosts Orientation sessions each semester to prepare students to seek internship placements and to prepare for the internship experience itself.

Orientation session for Fall 2024 :


There are no class meetings for PSCI 494b, but there are multiple graded assignments, and students will be required to attend a few events sponsored by CSUSM’s Career Center during the internship semester (schedule pending).

Preliminary List of CSUSM-approved Program Sites (Word doc)

Why Should I Do an Internship Before Graduating?

Insights into the value of internship placements


  • How do I find an internship placement?

     This is what we’ll go over at the Orientation session.

    The short version is that you’ll use CSUSM’s Internship Database to view the full list of available opportunities.  Using information on the database, you’ll apply for a position with a community partner and arrange the job assignment and work schedule with the site supervisor.  If you want to work with a partner that’s not already approved for CSUSM internships, contact Dr. Beavers for guidance on how to get new organizations approved for placements.

  • How do I enroll in PSCI 494b?

    Once you have a written offer for an internship, contact Dr. Beavers for a Permission Number to enroll in PSCI 494b.     

    All CSUSM forms, including Learning Agreement, will need to be completed by the beginning of the Fall 2024 semester to maintain PSCI 494b registration.