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Political Science Curriculum

Core courses required for political science majors

Lower division:

  • PSCI 100 United States Government and Politics

Upper division:

  • PSCI 301 Research Methods
  • PSCI 331 World Political Systems
  • PSCI 350 Global Governance
  • PSCI 370 Political Theory

In addition to core courses, a variety of upper-division electives are offered that fulfill each of our sub-fields, United States Politics and Government (USPG), Comparative Politics (CP), International Politics (IP), and Political Theory (PT). Most of our upper-division electives are offered once every three to four semesters. Therefore, a student who plans to complete his/her degree in four years might expect to see each upper-division elective offered 1-2 times. Currently the majority of our upper-division courses are offered throughout the week. We may offer 1 or 2 upper-division courses during the summer. Because some courses may be taught from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, they carry a “General” designation. Your faculty advisor will determine for which sub-field the class is to be counted.

Degree requirements vary based on your “catalog year for the major.” If you are a current student, you may access the 2007-2014 worksheets for the major, per Advising Services. You must consult both the general advisor and your faculty advisor about your graduation requirements, since there have been changes to the 2007-2016 worksheets.

For Political Science Major Worksheets, visit the Major & Minor Worksheets page for advising, visit the advising page.

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