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David Bwambok, Ph.D. Bioanalytical Chemistry

Task-specific ionic liquids for applications in forensic analysis, biomedical sensors, environmental remediation, extraction and recycling of critical end-of life products from limited rare-earth elements. Development of chemical probes for FRET-based analysis of disease biomarkers for low-cost diagnosis on paper-based devices. Design and evaluation of multifunctional albumin nanoparticles for drug delivery and theranostics.   760-750-4181  Craven Hall, 6232
Kambiz Hamadani, Ph.D. Biochemistry

Co-translational protein folding and dynamics; Single Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy; templated synthetic biochemistry and drug discovery 760-750-4189 Science Hall II, 331
Robert Iafe, Ph.D.

Organic Chemistry

Synthetic method development using organometallic and organocatalytic processes; total synthesis of bioactive natural products; structural determination by spectroscopic methods such as NMR 760-750-8283 Science Hall I,  108
Paul G. Jasien, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry

Quantum chemical investigations of molecular structure and intermolecular interactions; Students' conceptual understanding in General and Physical Chemistry. 760-750-4135 Science Hall II, 333
Sajith Jayasinghe, Ph.D. Biochemistry Polypeptide-membrane interactions; Elucidation of the molecular details of protein misfolding diseases 760-750-8075 Science Hall II, 115
Jose A. Mendoza, Ph.D. Biochemistry The chaperone activity of H. Pylori Hsp60 protein during the acid stress; role of nucleotides on the function and stability of Hsp60 760-750-4180 Science Hall II, 335
Karno Ng, MBA, Ph.D. Bioanalytical Chemistry Extraction and detection of biomolecules and pharmaceuticals; Development of online teaching pedagogy for science courses; science education 760-750-8037 Science Hall I, 113
Michael H. Schmidt, Ph.D. Bioinorganic Chemistry Non-classical crystallization and mechanisms of biomineralization 760-750-4138 Science Hall II, 321

Jacqueline Trischman,Ph.D.

Biorganic Chemistry

Isolation and structure of marine natural products by NMR; Chemical ecology of marine microorganisms 760-750-4206 Science Hall I, 119