Mutual Responsibility Agreement and Academic Success Plan

To maximize student success at CSUSM, you have chosen to participate in EOP. The following agreement was signed during your program orientation and formalizes your admission into the program.

EOP agrees to:
  • Provide you with academic planning guidance that leads towards completing your degree.
  • Assist you in clarifing academic and personal challenges that you may face and guide you to University resources that will help effectively manage and/or resolve them.
  • Provide timely access to EOP counselors and provide you with critical information and deadlines necessary for you to persist and succeed.
  • Assist you in becoming “system smart” by connecting you with other students and academic support professionals who can provide you with services that you need.
  • Provide you with priority registration for the first two semesters.
  • Provide eligible students with EOP grant aid as available.
Students agree to do the following:
  • I will, as a new incoming First year freshman and Transfer student, complete the two mandatory program contacts per semester with EOP. After the first year, I will make one mandatory contact per semester unless I fall below a 2.5 GPA or go on probation. Of the two mandatory contacts, one contact must be with an EOP professional staff counselor and the other contact may be completed with a second counselor visit or by participating in approved EOP sponosred events, such as workshops, student mixers, or other activity promoted by the program.
  • I will bring all relevant advising materials to all counseling appointments.
  • I will meet with my EOP counselor to discuss enrollment selection for every semester.
  • I will satisfy the ELM/EPT requirement within the first year (for first year students, when applicable).
  • I will complete the FAFSA every year before March 2nd (if eligible).
  • I will meet with my major advisor as needed, once my major is declared.
  • I will attend an Exit Interview with my EOP counselor before withdrawing and/or taking academic leave.
All EOP students have committed to meeting the conditions of this agreement.  If you do not, you may be dismissed from EOP and/or risk losing your EOP grant if awarded.