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Digital History Projects

Graduate Student Projects

History 502 Digital Web Projects

The purpose of History 502 is to introduce students to the tools and theories associated with Digital History.  The projects below represent their efforts at applying web building software (Dreamweaver) to the presentation of history.

  • A Tenant Farmers Story (Patricia Manley)
  • Absent from Mortality: Marytrs of the English Reformation (Jamie Benningsdorf)
  • Inventing the 805 (Neill Korvig)
  • A Living Fantasy: The People of Ukiyo (Jake Lewis)
  • Not So Visionary After All: Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek (Laura Sweeney)
  • "Prostitutes, Drug Addicts, and Transients"(Jerry Limberg)
  • The Role of Censorship and Democracy in Occupied Japan (Joanna Gorman)
  • Water in Southern California (Juliana Smart)
  • Women of Imagineering (Sara Durben)
  • Zooming In and Out of History (John West)
  • Carlsbad History Connection (Aspen Hill, Cindy Johnson, Janelle Temnick)
  • Even if She is Green: An Analysis of She Hulk by a Rhetorical Community (Marina Parenti)
  • From City Park to Balboa Park: The Creation of an Architectural Myth (Jonathan Bechtol)
  • Japanese American Internment in San Diego (Rebekka Kinder)
  • Media Representation of Japanese in San Diego from Pearl Harbor to Executive Order 9066 (Mike Dolan)
  • Native Americans in Baseball (Ben Airth)
  • Behind the Scenes: The McCarran Internal Security Act (Michelle White)
  • Dividing the Waters: The Apportionment of the Colorado River (Jim Taylor)
  • The American Press of the 1930s (Chris Mitchell)