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Request a KINE 495 Permission Number

To be eligible to register for KINE 495 Internship, you must:

  1. be registering for your last semester
  2. have completed most upper-division KINE classes
  3. obtain consent from the instructor by using the link below

Once your data has been evaluated, you will be issued a permission number via email. You are responsible for finding your own site but we have over 150 sites listed. Use the link at the left for all forms and sites in our database. You are welcome to find your own site as well. The site supervisor must agree to host you as their intern and follow the guidelines listed on the Internship homepage. If the site is not on our list, you must contact your KINE 495 instructor to initiate a new Student Field Placement agreement. This can take several weeks to obtain so please do this before the semester begins! If the site is on our list you do not need to contact the instructor.  For questions related to KINE 495 (Fall or Spring), please contact our internship coordinator, Dr. Laura de Ghetaldi ( If you are taking Kine 495 as a Temecula Cohort, contact Dr. Romero at:

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Summer 2015