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Pay Check Distribution

Payroll Warrant Distribution

Paychecks are officially called pay warrants.

Pay warrants and direct deposit advice notices are distributed by Student Financial Services at the Cashiers Office.

The Cashiers Office distributes pay warrants for all employees including staff, faculty and student assistants. The Cashiers Office is located in Cougar Central, Craven Hall, 3800.

The following guidelines are for University Employees:

  • University employees are paid once per month. See the pay calendar for pay dates.
  • Authorized Department Designated Representatives (DDR) pick up pay warrants after 1:00 P.M. on the designated payday.
  • Department Designated Representatives distribute checks that they have picked up to employees.
  • Special distribution procedures are provided for paydays that occur on campus closure days or holidays.  Instructions are communicated to all employees via email and posted on the web.

Please contact Student Financial Services at (760) 750-4490 if you have any questions regarding the distribution of payroll warrants.