Advising Information

Reference Information

There are many sources of information about the Psychology Department at CSUSM. Most of the information needed to develop your program of studies is contained in CSUSM General Catalog and the Schedule of Classes. The Psychology Student Handbook has been developed to provide additional information.

Faculty Advisement

Once you declare psychology as your major, it is important that you meet with a faculty member for advising on major requirements and career and graduate school issues.  Any full-time faculty member can advise you on questions pertaining to the psychology major.

The faculty member below can evaluate courses you have taken at other institutions to determine if they can be transferred to the Psychology major at CSUSM and can answer general advising questions.

Dr. Marie Thomas

Phone: 760-750-4157
Office:  SBSB 3214

College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences (CHABSS)

CSUSM also offers academic advising for lower division course work for psychology undergraduate students.  Students should meet with a College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences advisor for general education and graduation requirements.  Appointments to see an advisor can be made via the Academic Advising website.  

Psychology lower division undergraduate advisor: 
Benita Flores

Phone: 760-750-4166
Office: Craven Hall 1300

Questions about non-psychology aspects of your educational program will probably require referral to other advisors. Undergraduate Advising Services are located on the 1st floor of Craven Hall.

Applying for Graduation

Graduation is not automatic upon the completion of requirements. Students who intend to graduate must take the initiative. Upon completion of 85 units, the student is eligible to file an application for graduation with Enrollment Services. The Class Schedule each semester specifies the filing date, which is well in advance of the expected graduation date.

Your application for graduation will result in notification to the Psychology Department.

Career Counseling

The Career Center offers a variety of services to assist students in choosing educational paths, assessing life direction and establishing career goals. Some of the services include:
  • Personal career counseling
  • SIGI Plus, a "user friendly" computer guidance program
  • Workshops, seminars and professional panels
  • Career library resources
  • Graduate school information
  • Job and career position listings
The Psychology Department's Liaison to the Career Center contact info:

Karie White

Phone: 760-750-4900 (Career Center Office)
Phone: 760-750-4897 (Karie White)
Office: Craven Hall 1400

In addition, Psychology faculty have further information on careers in psychology, including a booklet published by the American Psychological Association entitled Careers in Psychology.

Lower Division Roadmaps

Lower Division Roadmaps is a useful tool for Freshman and Sophomore level CSUSM students who are just beginning their academic studies.  Information entered into the program will produce a "roadmap" of the first two years of courses that should be taken.

Important Advising Links

American Psychological Association
Association for Psychological Science