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Summer 2011 Waitlist

Sociology Waiting List

While we work hard to construct class schedules that enable students to proceed through the major smoothly and to graduate in a timely manner, student demand for particular courses often exceeds the available funding necessary to offer those courses.  As part of our continuing effort to maximize access to our courses, waitlist system is available to gauge the demand for additional sections of key courses and to provide a central location for students to officially request consideration for admittance into closed (full) courses, should seats become available.

This waitlist system replaces the need for students to email professors asking for admittance to their courses.  Additionally, the waitlist system enables us to go to the appropriate administrators to ask for additional sections of courses for which there is high demand.

We would like all who wish to get into a closed (full) course to use the system in mycsusm.  Please do not contact professors individually about adding any of their courses that are full.  If you do so, they will simply refer you to this waiting list as a means to register your interest in their course(s).

Here's what you need to do.  Click on the link below to view waitlist instructions for mycsusm.  Once classes begin, the professors in the Department will receive the waiting lists for each of their courses and will admit students to closed courses if/when spaces open up.  If you have placed yourself on the waiting list for a course, please attend the first class meeting of the course and the professor will instruct you on the process s/he uses for adding new students if/when spaces open up.  Whether a professor adds students to a course is completely at the discretion of the professor.  If the course is an online course, the professor will contact you via email once classes begin if you are to be added to the course.

Waitlist Information