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Mission, Vision & Values

CSUSM updates its mission, vision and values in 2022 with the launch of its new strategic plan: "The Power of CSUSM."


At California State University San Marcos, our mission is student success. As an engine of transformative knowledge, our community of dedicated teacher-scholars and staff holistically advance the academic, social, professional and personal development of students across the student life cycle, through education, innovation and community partnerships


California State University San Marcos will be a national leader of social mobility, transforming lives, families and communities. As the first-choice university for first-generation students and future generations, we will drive intellectual engagementinnovation and sustainability for a diverse, global society. Our exemplary academic programs will respond to societal needs and prepare students to be tomorrow’s socially just leaders and change makers.


California State University San Marcos is an academic community dedicated to the values of: