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Classroom Rush

Once the schedule build process has run through 25Live and the Impossible to Place Class (IPC) list is set, the IPC list and the set of remaining times and spaces is made available to Chairs and School or Program Coordinators. This group will be referred to as the Schedule Building Group (SBG). During the classroom rush period, each member of SBG will be responsible for placing their courses from the IPC list into one of the available times and spaces. Members of SBG will be assisted by their Department or School’s Support Coordinator (or an appropriate substitute) who is trained in 25Live, the software used during the classroom rush.

Time will be given before the classroom rush for SBG members to plan, with their affected faculty, an appropriate strategy for placing the IPCs, and for the support coordinators to input into 25Live a prepared strategy. This strategy consists of a list of alternate choices, for each IPC, from the set of available times and spaces. The classroom rush will be conducted in 4 time-periods (strata A, B, C and D), with the IPCs divided onto these periods depending on course caps, and with courses with largest caps going first.

To aid in the Classroom Rush Process, please view the following documentation:

Academic Scheduling encourages ALL departments to:

  • Setup alternate schedulers to handle their IPCs in the event their department representative is unavailable during any of the 4 Classroom Rush stratum.
  • If any department chairs want access to run the Classroom Rush process directly, please contact Sally Serrin Melena ( directly as soon as possible.
  • Department Chairs SHOULD provide at FIVE (5) different options for rescheduling EACH IPC from the "Space Availability by Mtg Pattern Report" to their department representative (more than 5 options are welcome). Understand that the meeting patterns which have fewer classroom options on this report will be more in demand and should be avoided if possible or, at the very least, not the only options provided for rescheduling any IPC.