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Reserved Seats on the Schedule

Reserve seats, also know as "reserve capacity," is a feature that allows a certain number of seats to be saved for a particular group of students. This feature helps students to enroll in the classes they need to achieve their academic goals. 

When the remaining open seats are filled, students who choose a class with reserved seats will need to fulfill the additional criteria to be able to enroll. If a student does not meet the reserved seat criteria, they will be placed on the waitlist for the class. After the reserved seat period expires, which is generally listed in the class note, the system will open the class to any students on the waitlist, as long as seats are still available.

If you are unable to wait list or need to enroll immediately, please choose another section of the course, refer to your Degree Planner to identify an alternative course, or consult with your advisor for alternatives. 

The majors/minors, expiration dates, and count of seats that are being reserved are on the documents linked below:

Majors and Minors - List of the classes that have both Major/Minor Requirements, as well as having GE. The Majors/Minors listed are those that may have seats reserved for a portion of the registration process. File updated on April 17, 2023.

Number of Reserved Seats and when they Expire - Class sections that have reserved seats on the Fall 2023 class schedule, how many of those seats are reserved, and when those seats will no longer be reserved (i.e. expire). File updated on Dec 5, 2023.