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For K-12 Families

For K-12 Students and Families

Understanding MOU Agreements and Student Requirement

CSUSM is a publically-funded university dedicated to raising the educational attainment of the region that it serves. With a wide range of majors, professional programs, and career opportunities, CSUSM believes that strong communities are sustained through partnerships with schools, business, and individuals.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) ensures that CSUSM students come from a variety of backgrounds that represent the language, ethnic, and economic diversity the region. If your child attends an Alliance district and meets certain requirements, then he or she will be guaranteed admission to the university.

View the requirements and Alliance Application Timeline and help your child start his/her journey to college and career success today!

Middle and High School Student Requirements

“The partnership between CSUSM and my high school helped me be more motivated in my classes. Knowing that if I stayed focused college would not be just a dream but a reality.”

– First-generation college student, Raymundo Catalan

If students meet a specific set of criteria while in high school, the Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) between Alliance districts and CSUSM means that they will be guaranteed admission to the university.