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High School and Middle School Roadshows

The Alliance offers high school and middle school College-Readiness Zoom in the Room roadshows to all ten Alliance partner school districts. The Alliance offers five Zoom in the Room roadshows: (1) College Readiness, (2) What It Takes to Get Into College, (3) Conversation with a College Student, (4) A Day in the Life of a College Student, and (5)  STEM. Zoom in the Room roadshows focus on why school is important, what it takes to get to college, how a college student's life is like, and how the guaranteed admission program works.  

  • Alliance Ambassadors conduct the Zoom in the Room Roadshows
  • The length of the assemblies are no more than 30 minutes
  • Students participate in two games that are informative 

Middle and high school teachers can have their class participate via a Zoom in the Room roadshow while in class. 

To participate in a Zoom in the Room roadshow, please complete the required sign-up form below. The form must be completed one (1) week prior to the scheduled date.

Sign-up: Spring 2021 - Zoom in the Room Roadshows - Now Available!


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