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Izabella Llanos Bio

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Izabella Llanos


My role at Cal State San Marcos

My role is to provide a friendly experience when people come to visit the Career Center. I’m here to answer any questions they may have to the best of my ability or connecting them with a counselor. As well as, educate them on all the services we offer at the Career Center so they can utilize them as much as possible.

My career path

I’m a transfer student from Napa Valley Community College and received two associate degrees one in Kinesiology and another in Natural Science and Mathematics. I plan to continue my journey here as a Kinesiology major to become a physical therapist or athletic trainer. I say this now, but who really knows what the future holds!  

The rewards in doing what I do

When I interact with students and alumni, I’m able to see them walk away with more confidence with the information they got from our services and all their doubts about what they came in for going away.

My words of wisdom to students

Dance whenever you get the chance! It brings so much light to life and takes all the stress about anything away for just those few moments.

In my free time

I love listening to new/old music, dancing, exploring new places, and eating pancakes.