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Clery Disclosures

The Clery Act requires institutions of higher education to maintain two types of alerting systems, timely warnings and emergency notifications, for separate and distinct purposes. Below is a table breaking down the distinctions between these two types of alerts. 

A safety notification or crime bulletin will be posted when incidents that concern the safety of the university occurs, but do not meet the requirements of the Timely Warning or Emergency Notification disclosures.
When should this alert be sent? When Clery crimes reported to a campus security authority or local law enforcement pose a serious or ongoing threat to the campus community When there is confirmation of an immediate threat to the health and safety of the campus community, such as severe weather warning, environmental emergency, Criminal activity with an imminent threat to campus community, health pandemic on campus
Does the location of the incident
Only required for Clery crimes occurring within Clery geography that pose a serious or ongoing threat On-campus emergencies only
What should this alert contain? Date, nature, location of incident; prevention tips; how to report a similar occurrence Information about the nature of the emergency and what changes one needs to make immediately as a result; evacuation procedures if necessary; assurance that an all-clear will be sent when emergency is over
Who should receive this alert?  Must reach entire campus community Can be segmented, if appropriate
How is a determination made to send the alert? Case-by-case analysis if the factors above are present Once UPD has received the report, the Chief of Police, or designee, will confer with the appropriate public official (e.g., fire chief, health department) and any campus officials responsible for managing the on-campus emergency, if available, to confirm both: 1) a legitimate emergency or dangerous situation exists in on-campus geography; and 2) the emergency or dangerous situation poses an immediate or imminent threat to members of the on-campus community.
Who issues the alert? The Chief of Police will confer with the Clery Director or designee, if available, to determine the most appropriate method(s) to distribute a Timely Warning The Chief of Police will confer with the Clery Director or designee, if available, to determin the most approriate method(s) to distribute an Emergency Notification
How should it be disseminated? Multi-modal system intended to reach the entire campus community; most commonly emails, website updates, and social media posts Multi-modal system is best to ensure delivery; segmentation of messaging is permitted, if appropriate